I called in advance Picture People located in Asheville mall (Asheville, NC). Asked for the appointment time and got 2 options: 5-30 pm and 6 pm (!!!). Knowing that 6 pm is mall's closing time, I took 5-30 pm. When we came at 5-15 pm, the girl said that usually they stop taking new orders after 5 pm(!!!) but she can work with us. What the ____!!?? Well, we were there anyway.

The pictures happen to be OK simply because my little girl is adorable and it's impossible to get a bad shot with her.

But I was shocked by the lousy assistant that kept making some dumb and brainless jokes about stinky feet or about stinky parent while she was taking pics.

I guess I do not have to say about here incompetence in photo shooting. Clearly, the Picture People must to be more selective when they hire assistants. And Picture People in Asheville mall hired the worst and dumbest assistants ever. I suspect the one which was on the phone with me was a RASIST - she heard my accent and suggested the "after hours"!

Gosh, that was my first and last visit to Picture people!!

I do not recommend ANYBODY to visit Picture People in Asheville mall ever!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Picture People Photo Service.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Marietta, Georgia, United States #864130

I am sorry to hear you felt that way, i think it was just a cultural misunderstanding, maybe if you learn a little bit more about American culture, if you are planning to stay here and race children here, you will see that many times, cultural differences are misunderstood as a racism of some kind, but is not.

Hope you chose to stay here in America and learn to know the American culture more. Blessings.


you have never had photos taken before have you? maybe you're the dumb one.all photographs use the stinky feet line to get a smile.

don't be so sensitive. and wow really, dropped the race card? accents are ethnicity not race. ignorant.

all malls stay open for an hour after close you can book at 6pm with out an issue. you probably were cheap and ruined their sales average anyway.

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