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I had a 12:15 appt on sunday 12/17/2017. When i checked in at 12:00 the young man at the counter handed me a sheet to fill out.

He then said he couldnt find my booked appt. His manager came over took the sheet from me a scoled me for filling it out myself and said for my future notice the staff fills them out. They called our group back at 12:05 when i told her we were scheduled atc12:15 and i was still waiting for 2 others to join us she said we could get started. I said the point of the picture was a xmas gift of 6 great grand children and there were 2 of them under the age of 2 so someone could jump in front of us because the 2little ones would probably not sit very long.

She told me i had no choice but to start without them. She proceeded to take all shots except 4 when the other 2 children showed up at 12:15. She took 4 quick shots not caring if or even trying to work with the younger two. Photos did not turn out very well at all and because they were a christmas gift for their great grandfather i chose the best i could.

They were extremely busy for the holiday so i was asked by my photographer samantha(also the assitant mgr) if i could pick them up on monday rather than waiting on sunday. I had no problem doing that because i really didnt want to wait with the kids anyway. However when i returned monday they couldnt find my pictures and told me they would reprint them. After waiting about a half hour they came out with photos that my husband and i had taken in july together and not the ones of the kids from december 17th.

I was surprised and said although those are ours how did you even come up with those when the receipt i gave you was from yesterday. Another half an hour goes by they come out ask to see my receipt again because they havent found my order. A few mins goes by and im told they are being printed. My pictures come out but im missing 2 of my 8×10s.

The younger man working the counter once again apologizes and goes to print by two missing photos. 20 mins later samantha comes back to tell me theyre having technical issues and theyre finally printing and thats probably why my photos didnt print the first time. At this point ive been waiting for my prints for a hour and a half and im ready to walk when another girl comes from the back room and gives me my 2 missing 8×10s and the old print from the session i had in july. I took my stuff and left.

Never once was did samantha try to offer anything or apoligize for anything that was going on. While i was there another lady came in from a session she had on sat with a very similar story. 3 others showed up to pick up pictures and the 3 working seemed like they were having trouble finding all 3 orders. Reasking their names what day did they have their pictures done and could they see their receipts again.

There was another lady that came in at 1 and said her appt was at 1 and sat while my issue was being taken care of and while samantha spent the next hour and a half showing another customer their pictures and taking their order. At 230 she finally took the lady and apoligized for the wait but then took another ten mins to set up and gather props to get ready.

When we finally left it was 2:40 and the lady was just starting he 1:00 photo session with a now crying infant and very restless toddler. Disorganized and very unprofessional.

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