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I would like to tell you about an incident I had with Picture People of Hurst TX. I called to make an appointment using a Groupon I had.

I could not use it for my boyfriend as he was tok sick. The sitting was for my dog and I. My dog not only has her therapy licences for senior centers, churches, etc, but she is also my Emotional Support dog for my OCD. We were blatantly turned down.

We were told regardless of the licensing or reason we couldn't come in. The manager Brittany seemed nice, but we were pretty humiliated.

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As legally defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) ARE NOT service animals!! It does not matter what she is registered for or who she works with - your PET is NOT a service animal. If you actually knew anything about the federal law which you are trying to abuse, you would understand why you were denied.


Did you tell them that you were bringing a dog to the appt? That could've been it.

If you didnt, not their fault.

Sorry. Been there.


Was it a buybuybaby location, sears or Walmart location? Because if so Picture Peoples that are inside stores can’t accept any type of animal.

It’s the stores (buybuybaby, Sears, Walmart etc) policy. Now with Mall studios I worked at a mall studio location for 2 years. Before our location shut down we did start becoming strict with our pet policy. Pets appointments can ONLY be taken before we open or after the studio closes.

Depending on the time of year sometimes we we would let customers with pets come in early ONLY if we didn’t have an existing appointment. Now last summer we had a bad accident where during a session one of our regulars came in and their dogs got spooked and bolted out of the studio and into the mall and into the mall parking lot. We got in big trouble for it and after that we decided we needed to completely follow the handbook. One of my employees a couple of months ago an employee got bitten which ended up having to file a claim.

So we became very strict about making sure people with animals can’t come in the studio until all the regular customers are out. Now a service dog is a sticky situation. Idk if you were late to your appointment, or if customers were there or what that sistuation was but at the same time for everyone’s safety and concern it’s important. In the past I’ve made sure it’s okay with current customers that are in the studio but with the two experiences that happened under my watch I have to enforce it.

Even if a dog is trained or certified it’s important not only for your safety and your pets but for everyone else’s. I’ve had kids run up to pets, and the thing is it’s an unknown environment to the pet, so it’s also my job to make sure the pet is comfortable and doesn’t feel threatened.


I hate to break it to you, but they did the right thing. Neither a therapy dog nor an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) are a Service Dog.

Service dogs are a specific legal classification that have public access rights. The have specific task training and public access training.

Therapy dogs require permission for access and ESA are just pets (and require the same permission any pet would) except for FHA (Housing) and ACAA (Airlines, and they may lose classification on airlines soon due to fraud, there is an active push to change ACAA).

To be granted public access, it would have to be a real, legitimate, legal "service animal" (not an ESA). In this case, the business simply knew the law better than you did.

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