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I would like to tell you about an incident I had with Picture People of Hurst TX.I called to make an appointment using a Groupon I had.

I could not use it for my boyfriend as he was tok sick. The sitting was for my dog and I. My dog not only has her therapy licences for senior centers, churches, etc, but she is also my Emotional Support dog for my OCD. We were blatantly turned down.

We were told regardless of the licensing or reason we couldn't come in.The manager Brittany seemed nice, but we were pretty humiliated.


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I hate to break it to you, but they did the right thing.Neither a therapy dog nor an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) are a Service Dog.

Service dogs are a specific legal classification that have public access rights. The have specific task training and public access training.

Therapy dogs require permission for access and ESA are just pets (and require the same permission any pet would) except for FHA (Housing) and ACAA (Airlines, and they may lose classification on airlines soon due to fraud, there is an active push to change ACAA).

To be granted public access, it would have to be a real, legitimate, legal "service animal" (not an ESA).In this case, the business simply knew the law better than you did.

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